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  1. Welcome and Introduction


    Sok-Han Ng Sok-Han Ng
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Enhesa Product
  2. Session 4: Global Regulatory Updates
  3. China RoHS future development

    • China RoHS working group is studying and discussing to upgrade China RoHS during 2022; and
    • Status of the discussion related to the restricted substances upgrade, test methods update and marking requirement update.
    Alice Yau Alice Yau
    Section Manager, Electrical / Material Testing, TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd.
  4. Saudia Arabia RoHS regulation

    • Introduction to SASO RoHS
    • SASO RoHS
    • SASO RoHS compliance and certification
    Peng Cheng Poh Peng Cheng Poh
    Project Management Manager, SGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  5. Chemical management policies and regulations in Latin America: trends and updates

    • Updates of chemical regulations impacting electronics in the Latin America Region (LAR): are articles/electronic products being impacted?; and
    • Trends in the region following other countries: e-waste, circular economy, eco-design? What’s next?
    Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez
    Americas Managing Analyst, Enhesa Product
  6. Q&A session

  7. Short break

  8. Session 5: E-waste and batteries
  9. New European draft battery regulation

    • Overview of the new EU Battery Regulation and implementation timelines.
    • Comparison to the current EU Battery Directive from 2006 (which will be replaced by the new Regulation); and
    • New requirements related to labelling, maximum carbon footprint, minimum recycled content, performance and durability, electronic exchange of information (battery passport), collection rate targets and recycling efficiencies.
    Jordi Turró Jordi Turró
    Director, Circular Compliance
  10. Circular economy - EU circular economy initiatives and electronics

    • The untapped value of WEEE getting lost in the linear, take-make-disposed economy;
    • How circular economy principles can unlock this value, reduce environmental impact, and address resource risk/scarcity; and
    • What we need to do differently to ensure resources stay in the economy to add value in a safe way.
    Mats Linder Mats Linder
    Head of Consulting, Stena Recycling
  11. Q&A session

  12. Lunch

  13. Welcome back


    Kelly Scanlon Kelly Scanlon
    Director, Environmental Policy and Research, IPC, USA
  14. Session 6: Substance-specific issues and standards
  15. Raising awareness: steps the electronics industry can take to prepare for emerging PFAS policies

    • Insights into challenges associated with identifying PFAS uses in electronics manufacturing processes and products; and
    • Steps the electronics industry is taking to prepare for upcoming regulatory actions and obligations
    Suhani Chitalia, Esq. Suhani Chitalia, Esq.
    Manager, Environmental Regulatory Affairs, IPC
  16. PFAS updates for the electronics sector in Europe

    • How can companies initiate a phase-out of PFASs and what support is available?;
    • Availability of alternatives to PFAS uses within the electronics sector; and
    • The urgency and importance of action from companies on the PFAS issue.
    Jonatan Kleimark Jonatan Kleimark
    Senior Chemicals and Business Adviser, ChemSec
  17. Safer low volatile organic compounds (VOC's) solvents and safer flame retardants

    • How can electronics manufacturers reduce VOCs in manufacturing while ensuring that they maintain and/or continue to improve the human health and environmental fate and toxicity profiles of the chemicals used in their products and processes?;
    • How can manufacturers find chemical hazard and relevant performance information on solvent candidates for use in low VOC products?; and
    • How can manufacturers get out ahead of regulations to select flame retardants that meet material compatibility requirements and that are inherently of low hazard?  
    Lauren Heine PH.D. Lauren Heine PH.D.
    Director of Science & Data Integrity, Cofounder, ChemFORWARD
  18. Q&A session

    Joined by

    Kelly Scanlon Kelly Scanlon
    Director, Environmental Policy and Research, IPC, USA
    Chris Bartlett Chris Bartlett
    Lead Toxicologist, ChemFORWARD
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