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Chris Bartlett

Chris Bartlett

Lead Toxicologist, ChemFORWARD

Dr. Christopher Lee Bartlett is an experienced toxicologist committed to designing safer products through the application of toxicological methods and the promotion of safer alternatives.

Chris has a diverse background in assessing materials and finished consumer products, hazard and safety labelling, maintaining product stewardship guidelines, and setting strategies for toxicology testing protocols, having worked for biotechnology and consumer product companies, as well as multiple federal agencies.

He is currently focused on supporting the development of tools to aid in increasing the efficiency of toxicological assessments and to enable toxicologists to make clearer decisions about the safe use of materials. For the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), he supported the development of Janus Nonclinical, a tool designed to utilise SEND (Standard for Exchange of Nonclincal Data) from the electronic submission of nonclinical study data allowing reviewers to analyse data and create summary tables more efficiently. He continues to support training of reviewers as the FDA goes through this paradigm shift in the review process.

At ChemForward, Chris serves as Lead Toxicologist, supporting assessors, verifiers, and developing associated guidances including topics such as botanicals and polymers. Chris works with brands on ingredient intelligence benchmark reports and with suppliers to achieve the SAFER designation. 

He earned his doctorate in Toxicology from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill after receiving a BS in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University.