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Christian Gründling

Christian Gründling

FCIO, Austria

Christian Gründling started his professional career by selling emission control equipment. In 1997 he joined FCIO – the Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry – as an environmental manager. From 2000 to 2002 he worked for DSM Fine Chemicals Austria as Manager Permitting and External Relations within the health, safety and environment department.

In 2002, Christian re-joined FCIO as a technical Director with emphasis on Chemicals policy (i.e. REACH, GHS/CLP), Classification and Labelling of Chemicals and Biocides as well as on Transport of Dangerous Goods. Since then, he has been closely involved in the legislative development of REACH, GHS/CLP and the BPR.

Additionally, within the Austrian Association he is responsible for the detergent industry, for which the regulatory framework for biocidal products plays an important role currently, as well as for the cosmetics and aerosol industry.