Fulfil your GHS and CLP information needs

This intensive, three-day course will cover everything you need to gain a full understanding of the Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and the EU legislation for Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP). 

GHS contains both physical, toxicological (health-related) aspects and eco-toxicological (environment-related) aspects. It offers standardised information on hazards for different groups of people who handle chemicals – including producers, transporters and users.

The European Union introduced the CLP system in the beginning of 2009 and substances have had to comply with the Regulation since 1 December 2010. The transition for mixtures was introduced on 1 June 2015. This has meant that regulations have changed significantly and many questions about the changes remain unanswered.

Throughout the course, carefully selected expert speakers will take participants through the concepts of GHS and CLP, using practical case studies wherever possible. You will also have the opportunity to ask trainers about any specific issues or concerns you have related to GHS and CLP in your business. 

This practical and intensive training course will be taught in English and is available for a limited number of attendees. In order to get the most from the course, participants are invited to send in questions to the trainers in advance. A basic knowledge of chemicals regulation is recommended.