Learn the fundamentals of product stewardship

Join Chemical Watch and ERM for a two-day virtual training course that will provide a basic understanding of what product stewardship means and how product stewards can make an impact in their organisation.

Over five sessions, ERM will teach you how to articulate the role of a product steward in an organisation, as well as the fundamentals of regulatory compliance, risk assessments, product sustainability and lifecycle thinking.

Each session will focus on a specific aspect of product stewardship and will feature interactive opportunities to engage. You are encouraged to 'raise your hand' and put questions forward throughout the training – just as you would in a classroom environment. 

Learning outcomes include:

  • learn how to describe product stewardship and its role within an organisation;
  • understand the hierarchy and classification of global regulatory drivers;
  • learn fundamental concepts of risk assessment;
  • understand how risk assessments are applied for various product stewardship tasks, such as regulatory submissions and risk management;
  • become familiar with the regulatory and non-regulatory drivers for product sustainability;
  • begin to develop the ability to apply concepts to your own product line;
  • review product lifecycle considerations; and more. 

What can you expect from the training course?

  • A copy of all slides and downloadable recordings, both available once the course has finished
  • Q&A with product stewardship experts
  • Cost-effective ways to gain an understanding of product stewardships role in your organisation