How to manage REACH inspections with confidence

After nearly 10 years, the REACH regulation is firmly established as the cornerstone of safe management and use of chemicals within the EU. The various protocols of the regulation are all now active and are impacting on virtually all industry sectors and business activities from manufacture to retail. 

With regulation comes enforcement and inspection – and lots of questions:

  • Who are the regulators?
  • Is each member state the same?
  • How is enforcement co-ordinated?
  • What is the focus of inspections?
  • What are the penalties for non-compliance?
Delivered by Sandra Meijer, director of business development at The REACH Centre, this one-day workshop will use a mixture of presentations, discussions and exercises to answer all these questions. More importantly, it will also provide attendees with the information they need to ensure they can manage inspection with confidence and, equally importantly, what action is needed to embed REACH compliance into the company management and ethos.