Essential information on the regulation of polymers and microplastics

Handling polymers requires companies to meet certain legal obligations. However, these are often different from those for other substances. For example, the REACH Regulation exempts polymers from its stipulations on registration and evaluation, but not for authorisation and restriction.

Most significantly, however, the regulatory landscape for polymers and microplastics is changing rapidly. For companies it is crucial to properly understand what obligations are relevant now and what is on the horizon.

This training course will:

  • give you insights into how polymers are currently dealt with under the
    REACH Regulation;
  • discuss commonalities and differences with other substances in the context of broader EU chemicals legislation; and
  • give you an overview of where the EU’s plans for registration and restrictions schemes for both polymers and microplastics are heading.

Expert trainers Marko Sušnik  and Martin Klatt will guide you through the regulatory labyrinth, discuss any questions you have and share his professional experience with you.

By attending this course, you will learn:

  • how polymers are regulated in the EU;
  • how the EU plans to regulate polymers in the near future;
  • what to expect for microplastics in the near future; and
  • how to stay updated.