1. Coffee and registration

  2. Session 1 - Advancing the Science of Safety - Updates from the US Regulators
  3. Welcome

    Geraint Roberts, Editorial Director, Chemical Watch

  4. Draft Guidance for Food Contact Materials Intended to Contact Infant Formula or Human Milk: Toxicology Recommendations

    • The FDA published Draft Guidance in December, 2016, regarding Food Contact Materials Intended to Contact Infant Formula or Human Milk
    • Each food contact notification seeking infant food contact uses undergoes an infant-specific exposure and safety assessment in the premarket setting
    • FDA has recently concluded regulatory research aimed to enhance the toxicology recommendations for infant safety assessment
    April Neal-Kluever April Neal-Kluever
    Toxicologist, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  5. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) approach to dietary exposure assessments

    Seth Goldberg Seth Goldberg
    Partner, Steptoe
  6. New Developments in Toxicology

    Margaret Whittaker Margaret Whittaker
    Managing Director & Chief Toxicologist, ToxServices LLC
  7. Refreshments

  8. California Proposition 65: Upcoming Changes and Implications for the Food Contact Industry

    • A background on the regulation and upcoming changes that will impact compliance
    • A discussion of the regulation in relation to food contact materials
    • Compliance strategies to help businesses understand their Proposition 65 risk and requirements
    Tom Jonaitis Tom Jonaitis
    Manager – Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs, Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services (HERS), Intertek
  9. Reaching GRAS for food additives

    Mitch Cheeseman Mitch Cheeseman
    Managing Director, Regulatory & Industry Affairs Department, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  10. Round table session: What are the next steps for advancing the science of safety?

    All speakers from AM session

  11. Lunch

  12. Session 2 - Communicating through the supply chain
  13. Conflicts of Interest in Safety Evaluations of GRAS Ingredient Uses

    • In food safety assessment, as in many other areas, a key consideration is managing potential conflicts of interest in deliberative and decision-making processes in order to protect their integrity
    • The conclusion that a food ingredient use is GRAS often involves a group of scientists known as a GRAS panel, whose deliberations and conclusions can provide evidence that both elements of the GRAS standard are met
    • FDA recently published draft guidance on appropriate use of GRAS panels. When finalized, this guidance will describe the agency’s current thinking on management of potential sources of conflict of interest when a GRAS panel’s deliberations are used to support a GRAS conclusion
    Jeremiah Fasano Jeremiah Fasano
    Consumer Safety Officer, Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  14. Establishing Regulatory Status

    Phil Berrier Phil Berrier
    Senior Manager - Packaging Safety and Compliance, The Coca-Cola Company
  15. Food Contact Notifications in USA - Practical Advice

    • The U.S. FDA Food Contact Notification (FCN) process in the USA can be used for processing aids and food contact packaging
    • What are the basic benefits and requirements?
    • What are some practical tips to make the FCN process run more smoothly?
    Edwin Bisinger Edwin Bisinger
    Senior Science Advisor, Nouryon
  16. Refreshments

  17. Labeling concerns

    Jeff Canavan Jeff Canavan
    Deputy Director, Labeling and Program Delivery Staff, Office of Policy and Program Development (OPPD), Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  18. The impact of FSMA

    • FSVP and Food Contact Update: the Implications of FDA’s January 2018 Announcement regarding enforcement discretion
    • FSVP considerations for Secondary Direct Additives that may be Food Contact Substances
    • FSMA and Packaging: general considerations for manufacturers
    Patricia Kinne Patricia Kinne
    Specialist, Steptoe & Johnson
  19. Round table session: Too much, too little, or just right? The Goldilocks Approach to Supply Chain Communication

    All speakers from PM session

  20. Close of Day One/Cocktails

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