Get a complete update on EU RoHS2 in just 60 minutes

2017 has been a big year for the EU RoHS2 Directive.  In October the European Parliament agreed a RoHS2 scope amendment which will enable certain types of equipment to be resold after July 2019.  In June the European Commission published the first Delegated Directives to renew certain RoHS2 exemptions. Some exemptions will be renewed without any changes whereas other exemptions will be revoked and new exemptions have been created with different expiry dates for different product categories.  Sweden is currently considering submitting a proposal to add medium-chain chlorinated flame retardants to the list of RoHS2 restricted substances. 

In the meantime, companies are preparing for the new RoHS2 restrictions for the phthalates DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP which were added to RoHS2 by Directive 2015/863 in 2015.  Electrical and electronic equipment which contains more than 0.1% of these phthalates in any homogenous material is banned from the European market from 22 July 2019, with an exemption for medical devices and monitoring and control instruments until 22 July 2021.    

Chemical Watch and BOMcheck hosted a free webinar on Tuesday 7 November which explained how these updates affect your business and provided an update on EU RoHS2. 


  • Dr Aidan Turnbull, director,