1. Session 3: The future Direction of EU Policy on Chemicals in Food Contact Materials and the Circular Economy
  2. EU Laws on chemicals in food contact materials and REACH

    Anna Gergely Anna Gergely
    Director, EHS Regulatory, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium
  3. The REACH Regulatory Fitness Check (REFIT) Evaluation

    Erwin Annys Erwin Annys
    Head of Unit Support and Enforcement, ECHA, Finland
  4. Plastics: key to achieve a circular economy

    • Role of plastics in fostering circularity
    • Plastics’ role in the  European Plastics Strategy
    • Food contact and plastics’ circularity
    • Looking forwards - PlasticsEurope’s Voluntary Commitment 
    Leonor Garcia Leonor Garcia
    Director of Public Affairs, PlasticsEurope
  5. Q&A

  6. Refreshments

  7. An overview of food contact materials in a circular economy- How to ensure the safety?

    • Importance of the supply chain communication
    • Measures to minimize risks
    Sarah Saminadin Peter Sarah Saminadin Peter
    Manager Strategic Development, Food Contact EMEA, Intertek
  8. Circular economy: How to safely reduce, reuse and recycle food packaging?

    • Food packaging plays a major role in the circular economy and measures to decrease its environmental impact are currently undertaken
    • Typical chemical migrants and their potential origins are shown for different types of recycled food contact materials
    • Chemical safety aspects are discussed with regard to food packaging in the circular economy
    Birgit Geueke Birgit Geueke
    Scientific Officer, Food Packaging Forum, Switzerland
  9. Industry case study

    Suzanne de Cort Suzanne de Cort
    Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Senior Packaging Manager, Coca Cola
  10. Q&A

  11. Lunch

  12. Session 4: Role of the Regulators
  13. Industry's proposals for the way forward for demonstrating the safety of harmonised and non-harmonised FCM & FCAs

    • Does the current regulatory scheme work and is it a level playing field?
    • Industry's proposals for a way forward
    Peter Oldring Peter Oldring
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Valspar
  14. Recent Commission’s proposal on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chain; its impact on FCM Regulation and the functioning of EFSA

    Anna Gergely Anna Gergely
    Director, EHS Regulatory, Steptoe & Johnson, Belgium
  15. Q&A

  16. Refreshments

  17. Session 5: Update on FCM Regulations in the Rest of the World
  18. Are US regulations moving at the same pace as the EU’s in food packaging? Here’s what’s new:

    • Trends in FDA’s Inventory of Effective FCS Notifications
    • California’s Safer Consumer Products: An Update on the Priority Product Work Plan
    • New Research on the Effects of BPA: The CLARITY-BPA Project
    Jomarie Garcia Jomarie Garcia
    Regulatory Research Analyst, Verisk 3E, United States
  19. China: Establishing the System (roles of CFDA, CFSA, AQSIQ)

    Huqiu Zhang Huqiu Zhang
    Vice President of Chemical Management, Intertek Product Assurance
  20. Food contact regulatory situation in South America

    • overview of MERCOSUR regulations on food contact materials and the concepts of this legislation
    • regulatory situation for food contact materials for Non-MERCOSUR countries
    Aline Lemos Aline Lemos
    Packaging Researcher, Packaging Technology Center (CETEA) of Food Technology Institute (ITAL), Brazil
  21. Q&A

  22. Close of conference

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