Who should attend?

Biocides Symposium 2018Representatives of authorisation/registration holders, national Competent Authorities as well as other involved Stakeholders (producers, retailers, formulators, consultants, etc.) dealing with these issues.

Why Attend?

Expert panel

Listen to senior representatives from European Institutions, Regulators from Member States, together with Industry representatives and service providers from across the EU.

Current thinking

Gain valuable insight into the current state of BPR product authorisation.

Time efficiency

Bring yourself completely up-to-date with the complex and changeable landscape of Biocides Product Authorisation by attending two conference days.

Q&A panel sessions

Have your specific questions answered by making use of the multiple Q&A sessions.  Remember - you can send in any question you might have in respect of Biocides Product Authorisation and Active Substance Approval in writing in advance of the Symposium.


Bring yourself up-to-date on the various implementation activities relevant to product authorisation under the BPR.