1. Session 4 - Efficacy and Risk Assessment
  2. Efficacy requirements for preservative PTs, especially PT 5

    David Ashworth David Ashworth
    Managing Director, Klarus Consulting Ltd, UK
  3. Biocide active substance/product assessment; approaches and issues: Experiences with PT 19 (repellents) and PT2/3/4 (disinfectants)

    • Experience dealing with the various aspects of preparing a submission to ECHA
    • Issues with efficacy and rates of use
    • Toxicology and defining suitable endpoints
    • Design of specific studies
    • Approaches to preparing Exposure assessments and sources of data
    Scott Samuels Scott Samuels
    Principal Consultant – Human Safety: Toxicologist, ERM
  4. Q&A

  5. Refreshments

  6. Session 5 - The Impact of BPR on Downstream Users
  7. Biocides and electronics

    Alex Paul Alex Paul
    Principal: Chemical Regulatory Services, Yordas Group, UK
  8. How a retailer deals with biocides requirements and alternatives

    • Status from all European Coops
    • Use of biocides in transportation
    • Requirements for daily use products
    Malene Teller Blume Malene Teller Blume
    Quality Manager, Coop Danmark
  9. Q&A

  10. Lunch

  11. Session 6 - The need for and approaches to developing new biocides
  12. Biocides and innovation

    • BPR aim of development of safer alternatives
    • How is innovation possible in the biocides market?
    • Examples from different biocides market segments
    Nathalie Hanon Nathalie Hanon
    Manager CEHTRA Spain and Head of Biocides, CEHTRA, Spain
  13. The Danish EPA project for alternatives for wood protection or biocidal products used in construction

    • Challenges with traditional wood preservatives
    • Leaching of active substances to the environment
    • Emerging alternative techniques
    Nina Falk Gregersen Nina Falk Gregersen
    Ecotoxicologist, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  14. Triple challenge: timing/content/cost - an SME perspective on BPR

    • How we deal at present with diversified regulations throughout EU
    • How we intend to deal with BPR and our portfolio
    • The (un)known pitfalls
    • General thoughts of and suggestions for BPR by an SME
    Rik Daneels Rik Daneels
    Managing Partner, Aqua Ecologic, Belgium
  15. Q&A

  16. Refreshments

  17. Session 7 - Legal/regulatory issues
  18. BPR related cases - view from inside the Board of Appeal

    • Board of Appeal’s assessment of every effort
    • Contractual freedom in data sharing negotiations
    • Cost sharing discussions as part of the data sharing negotiations
    Sari Haukka Sari Haukka
    Legally Qualified Member of the ECHA Board of Appeal, ECHA
  19. The Board of Appeal – an advocate’s view

    • Issues raised before the BoA but not yet answered
    • The role of national courts in data sharing
    • Personal perspectives from an advocate before the BoA
    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Belgium
  20. The new scientific criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors: practical implications

    • Regulatory background and the new scientific criteria
    • The ED guidance document: drafting, testing, critique
    • Implications for substance approval and product authorisation
    Glenn Lurman Glenn Lurman
    Scientist, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)
  21. The impact of Brexit

    • Product regulation
    • R&D
    • Funding
    • Intellectual property
    • Competition
    • Cross-border trade
    • Data privacy
    Gunnar Sachs Gunnar Sachs
    Lawyer, Maître en droit (Paris), Expert Lawyer for Intellectual Property Law, Clifford Chance
  22. Q&A

  23. Close of conference

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