The second annual two-day event designed to bring together stakeholders from across the regulatory community

Chemical Watch and our sister publication Chemical Risk Manager proudly presents the second edition of Chemical Watch Expo, our annual two-day event offering a dedicated marketplace to showcase services and solutions to help companies meet global compliance obligations and achieve safer chemicals in products and throughout the supply chain.

Alongside the exhibition there will be dedicated workshop sessions, presented in four streams:

  • Chemicals registration and notification:
    What must chemical companies do to remain in compliance with the substance registration or notification/reporting provisions of key regulations around the globe, such as REACH, the new TSCA, US state-level rules, Turkey’s KKDIK regulation, Japan’s chemical substances control law, K-REACH and China’s Order No 7
  • Risk assessment and substance evaluation:
    How are the hazards, exposures and risks of substances of concern being assessed under programmes such as REACH’s rolling action plan for substance evaluation (the Corap), TSCA and Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan? How will certain groups of substances, such as biocides, endocrine disrupting chemicals and nanomaterials, be identified and assessed in Europe and other jurisdictions, and what guidance is being offered by the OECD?
  • Risk management:
    What risk management measures, such as restrictions, concentration limits or mandatory classifications do key jurisdictions such as the EU, Canada, the US and South Korea have in place and what are the implications for chemical producers and users? What restrictions exist under UN conventions?
  • Supply chain communication:
    Companies throughout supply chains must comply with requirements on labelling and safety data sheets, with many countries basing theirs on the UN’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS). What do the main regimes around the world, such as CLP and HazCom 2012, look like, and how do they differ? How can companies operating in a number of countries best meet their obligations?

Exhibiting companies will include consultants, testing laboratories, IT and software solutions and law firms specialising in regulatory compliance.

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