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    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch, United States
  3. Session 1: TSCA
  4. TSCA at 2: an overview

    Lynn L. Bergeson Lynn L. Bergeson
    Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell, United States
  5. TSCA panel session

    Panellists will consider the following questions:

    • Did Lautenberg do a good job in addressing TSCA’s deficiencies? Whatever your answer, please explain your response
    • Hind sight is always 20/20. If you could do anything over again in Lautenberg or EPA’s implementation of it, what would that be?
    • In terms of EPA’s implementation of Lautenberg, what are EPA’s successes, near misses, and actual misses, if any?
    • What do you like most about EPA’s implementation of Lautenberg?
    • What do you like least?
    • If there is a hearing in the House early next year on EPA’s implementation of TSCA, what do you expect the issues would include?
    • Would TSCA implementation have been better served with the help of a FACA?
    Jeff Morris Jeff Morris
    Chemical Policy Consultant, Jeff Morris Solutions, US
    Eve Gartner Eve Gartner
    Staff attorny, Earthjustice
    Karyn Schmidt Karyn Schmidt
    Senior Director, Regulatory & Technical Affairs, American Chemistry Council (ACC)
    Edwin Bisinger Edwin Bisinger
    Senior Science Advisor, Nouryon
    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Director - Chemicals, Intertek
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  7. TSCA panel discussion with Q&A

  8. Session 2: State level developments
  9. State-level updates - what’s happening, what’s on the horizon?

    Edward McTiernan Edward McTiernan
    Partner, Arnold and Porter
  10. California Prop 65: what is it and what should companies do now to comply?

    George Gigounas George Gigounas
    Partner, DLA Piper
    Michael Green Michael Green
    Chief Executive Officer, Center for Environmental Health
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  12. Lunch

  13. Session 3: Developments in Canada and Latin America
  14. Canada: chemical regulation updates

    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Associate Director, Chemical Group, Intertek, Canada
  15. Chemical Management in Latin America

    • GHS implementation
    • Registration of chemicals
    Cristina Caro Tovar Cristina Caro Tovar
    Regulatory Attorney - Latin America, Independent Consultant, US
  16. Chemical Management Policies in Latin America: trends and realities

    • Historical landscape
    • Where regulations are now
    • Future plans for a more complete and structured chemical control regulations
    Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez
    Americas Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Program Manager and TSCA Global Program Manager, HP Inc. México
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  19. Non-regulatory drivers surrounding transparency about ingredients, environmental initiatives and supply chain: panel session

    Speakers confirmed:

    Lawrence E. Culleen Lawrence E. Culleen
    Partner, Arnold & Porter
    Edwin Bisinger Edwin Bisinger
    Senior Science Advisor, Nouryon
    Bob Kerr Bob Kerr
    Co-founder and Principal, Pure Strategies, Inc.
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