4th Annual Biocides USA

This fourth annual Biocides USA conference focused on the regulation of Biocidal products. The first day covered new developments in the US, including:

  • An update on the activities of the EPA Anti-Microbial Division
  • An update on the activities of California EPA/DPP
  • The US Registration review program
  • Proposition 65
  • Efficacy update
  • Endangered species and environmental assessments
  • Global regulatory implications on product development and introductions

Day two of the conference looked at global development in the regulation of biocides. Countries and regulations that were discussed include:

  • China – Pesticides and disinfectants
  • South Korea – K-BPR developments
  • Vietnam
  • Regulations elsewhere in Asia
  • India
  • The EU – BPR updates
  • Canada – revised treated article regulation