Join us at the sixth annual Enforcement Summit in Brussels this September

Enforcement Summit Europe provides a unique opportunity to join our panels of over twenty experts, including EU and Member State officials, regulatory managers from industry and professional advisers, as they share their perspectives and understanding of both European and global regulatory enforcement challenges in a relaxed and informal environment. Panel discussion sessions throughout the event will provide insight into industry’s enforcement questions from the perspectives of the most important stakeholders.

In addition, there is an opportunity to participate in a post-Summit workshop on 26 September 2018.

Day 1: REACH and CLP enforcement 

Day one commences with a series of high-level overviews from the ECHA Enforcement FORUM, ECHA together with an industry perspective on enforcement. In addition, the enforcement implications of a recent case at the General Court of the European Union will be discussed. The focus then moves on to Key Enforcement issues in 2018 starting with REACH registration and authorisation obligations, and in the afternoon there will be a session devoted to internet sales, SVHCs in articles, restrictions and CLP.  

Day 2: REACH and CLP enforcement and global enforcement of chemical regulations 

The morning of day two focuses on the harmonisation of EU enforcement issues, followed by enforcement in practice. Delegates are offered a choice of sessions in the afternoon;  Session 5A looks at enforcement in practice in the EU and has contributions from Sweden, Cyprus, Portugal and Belgium. It also includes presentations on how to prepare for Brexit and RoHS enforcement in the UK. Session 5B focuses on enforcement in the rest of the world and provides overviews of enforcement in Turkey, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as North America with inputs on Canada, the revised US TSCA and Proposition 65 in California.

Using a mixed format of presentations, in-depth Q&A sessions and panel discussions, the programme tackles the most important enforcement issues around the world in 2018.

Enforcement Summit Europe Photos