The latest developments in the regulation of biocides

The fifth annual Biocides Asia conference focused on the regulation of biocides* in Asia and the rest of the world, and brought together experts from Asia, Europe, USA to discuss global developments in the regulation of biocides.

The first part of the conference focused on biocidal regulatory updated from across Asia, including South Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and India, followed by developments in the rest of the world.

Topics that were discussed include:

  • K-BPR, both from regulatory and industry perspectives;
  • Pesticides and disinfectants regulations in China;
  • Antibacterial regulations for household products;
  • Thailand's biocidal regulations;
  • Developments in Malaysian pesticides regulation;
  • Vietnamese household pesticides regulations;
  • Indian regulatory framework for biocidal products;
  • BPR developments in Europe;
  • Efficacy testing; and,
  • Challenges for SMEs and start-up companies.

*Non-agricultural pesticides, sanitizers, preservatives, and disinfectants etc.