Exhibitor Profile



Exponent is a global scientific consultancy, providing technical and regulatory support to the Biocides Industry.  We have many years of experience with EU biocides legislation, having provided strategic regulatory support and written strategic regulatory support and written over 30 active substance dossiers and numerous representative product dossiers across 17 Product Types.  We also have experience of biocide regulatory systems and working with regulatory authorities on a global scale.

Our regulatory team comprises highly experienced and skilled scientists covering the key disciplines of chemistry, efficacy,  toxicology and environmental science. Many of our scientific staff have previously worked as regulators, in industry, or in contract laboratories, therefore we have a unique and valuable perspective on dealing with the regulatory requirements.

We offer a wide range of technical and regulatory assistance, including Active Substance and Product dossiers, Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessment, Product Authorisation (including Biocidal Product Families) Union Authorisation and Mutual Recognition, IUCLID and R4BP3, Product Registration under national legislation, Product Stewardship, and Portfolio Management.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us at  biocides@exponent.com  or visit our website  www.exponent.com