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Namali Corea

Namali Corea

Associate Manager, Toxicology, SC Johnson

Namali is a human health toxicologist with 15 years' experience assessing cosmetics, cleaning and pest control products in the EU. Her primary role in SC Johnson is risk assessing biocidal products under the BPR and understanding consumer exposure to biocidal residues. Consequently, she has lead various trade association initiatives on behalf of AISE and CEFIC, contributing to the development of ECHA guidance documents on exposure assessment for human health for biocides. Prior to this, she developed consumer exposure tools for REACH such as the ECETOC TRA (Targeted Risk Assessment) for consumers, the AISE REACT exposure assessment tool, AISE SCEDS (Specific Consumer Exposure Determinants), and contributed to the ECHA guidance on Exposure Scenarios for CSR and Communication.

She has presented on and co-authored several poster presentations and scientific publications related to exposure and risk assessment. Namali holds an MSc in Toxicology and her PhD is in risk assessment and pharmacokinetics from the University of Southampton.