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  1. Welcome and introduction

    by the conference moderator 

    Vanessa Zainzinger Vanessa Zainzinger
    Senior Reporter, Chemical Watch News & Insight, by Enhesa
  2. Session 1: Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) priorities and challenges
  3. EPA’s Antimicrobial Division’s 2022 accomplishments, and priorities for 2023

    • Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) and the Antimicrobial Division (AD) organisation and staffing 
    • AD FY22 accomplishments 
    • AD FY23 priorities and challenges 
    • Salesforce implementation: PRIA/non-PRIA metrics 
    • Non-PRIA backlog proposal 
    • Registration review update 
  4. Industry response to the next phase of the EPA’s Registration Review Program

    • Current state of the EPA’s Registration Review Program 
      • current timetable
      • types of response  
    • Industry response to the EPA’s interim decision (ID)/proposed interim decision (PID) actions 
      • aside from shock…… 
      • initial approach  
    • Looming Registration Review concerns
      • after responding to a PID what happens?
      • response timing
      • Endangered Species Act (ESA)/endocrine disruptor (ED) concerns 
    Adrian Krygsman Adrian Krygsman
    Director, Troy Corporation an Arxada Company
  5. Emerging Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) legal and policy issues and the Congress: Implications for the pesticide community

    Dennis R. Deziel Dennis R. Deziel
    Senior Government Affairs Advisor, Bergeson & Campbell
    Meibao Zhuang Meibao Zhuang
    Senior Scientist, Bergeson & Campbell
  6. Q&A and panel discussion

  7. Refreshment break

  8. Session 2: Updates on Endangered Species Act (ESA) and other federal/state level developments
  9. Endangered species screen and implications of registration

    Charles (Chuck) Peck Charles (Chuck) Peck
    Senior Fate Scientist, Office of Pesticide Programs’ Antimicrobials Division, EPA
  10. Navigating electronic Confidential Statement of Formula (eCSFs) for biocide registrations

    • History of eCSFs 
    • Overview of CDX process for creating/editing eCSFs 
    • Tips and tricks  
    • Challenges 
    • Summary 
    Lisa Amadio Lisa Amadio
    Principal, Ramboll
  11. Introducing SmartLabel, a tool to enable ingredient transparency 

    • Four drivers of ingredient transparency 
    • Regulatory status of ingredient transparency 
    • SmartLabel demo 


    Hal Ambuter Hal Ambuter
    VP Regulatory & Government Affairs, Reckitt
  12. PFAS state by state regulation: Impact on pesticide packaging

    • Introduction 
    • State PFAS regulations and their impact on pesticides and pesticide packaging
      • adopted
      • introduced
    • Compliance strategy
    Jamie Venable Jamie Venable
    Senior Consultant, Scientific & Regulatory Consultants
  13. Q&A

  14. Lunch

  15. Chemical Watch platform demonstration

  16. Session 3: Latest efficacy developments
  17. Interim guidance to support non-residential porous claims 

    James Tauber James Tauber
    Microbiologist, EPA
  18. Emerging viral pathogens guidance

    Tajah Blackburn Tajah Blackburn
    Senior Scientist, EPA
  19. Surface coatings: changes to current testing methodologies and finalised testing guidelines

    • Changes in US residual testing guidance for coatings for public health use
      • residual self sanitisation (RSS)
      • residual self-disinfection (RSD)
      • supplemental residual coatings/fixed items 
    • Other residual methods for non-public health claims 
    • Residual testing methods under development 
    Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones
    Chief Executive Officer, Scientific & Regulatory Consultants
  20. New testing protocols for air sanitisation

    Diane Boesenberg Diane Boesenberg
    Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent
  21. Q&A

  22. Refreshment break

  23. Session 4: Canada – trends and updates
  24. Health Canada’s disinfectants update

    • Covid-19 pandemic response and lessons learned 
    • Emerging viral pathogens (EVP) list 
    • Proposed biocides regulations 
    Bio Aikawa Bio Aikawa
    Director, Bureau of Product Review and Assessment, Health Products and Food Branch Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate, Health Canada
  25. Industry concerns with the Canadian PMRA’s transformation process

    • Status of the transformation process
      • process changes 
      • continuous oversight/technology revisions
      • transparency  
    • Implementation schedule and perception  
      • 2023 Implementation 
      • effect on re-evaluation process 
      • gaps 
    Adrian Krygsman Adrian Krygsman
    Director, Troy Corporation an Arxada Company
  26. Q&A and final panel discussion

  27. End of conference