Vanessa Zainzinger

Senior Reporter, Chemical Watch

Lisa Christ

Associate Director, Antimicrobial Division, Pesticides Program, EPA

Adrian Krygsman

Director, Troy Corporation an Arxada Company

Dennis R. Deziel

Senior Government Affairs Advisor, Bergeson & Campbell

Meibao Zhuang

Senior Scientist, Bergeson & Campbell

Hal Ambuter

VP Regulatory & Government Affairs, Reckitt

Lisa Amadio

Principal, Ramboll

Charles (Chuck) Peck

Senior Fate Scientist, Office of Pesticide Programs’ Antimicrobials Division, EPA

Jamie Venable

Senior Consultant, Scientific & Regulatory Consultants

James Tauber

Microbiologist, EPA

Tajah Blackburn

Senior Scientist, EPA

Rhonda Jones

Chief Executive Officer, Scientific & Regulatory Consultants

Diane Boesenberg

Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent

Bio Aikawa

Director, Bureau of Product Review and Assessment, Health Products and Food Branch Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate, Health Canada