1.  Introduction to the immune system and allergies

    • Innate Vs acquired immune response
    • Categories of immunological response
    • Definition of an allergy and the two stage development of an allergic reaction.

    Basic dermatology

    • The anatomy of the skin in relation to the development of an allergic reaction The cells of the immune system involved in the development of allergic contact dermatitis
    • Factors which influence the development of allergic contact dermatitis.
    • How allergic contact dermatitis differs from irritant contact dermatitis
    • Current testing strategies for assessment of allergic contact dermatitis

    Basic structure of the respiratory tract

    • The role of IgE and atopy in the development of an allergic reaction.
    • How respiratory allergy differs to allergic contact dermatitis.
    • Occupational asthma and work related asthma
    • Current testing strategies for the assessment of respiratory allergies

    The consequences of developing an allergy to a substance in the workplace

    • Important considerations in relation to control measures in the workplace.

    Other immunotoxicological effects

    • Including multiple chemical sensitivities, and autoimmune effects.
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