Course supervisor

    Robert Feierl Robert Feierl
  2. Review of Day One

    Roles in REACH

    • The different roles and their specific requirements and obligations REACH establishes for companies
    • Special focus on downstream users and retailers

    Introduction and overview of the existing basics of the classification (and labelling) of chemicals, especially the CLP regulation

    Enforcement of REACH

    • Activities of the Forum

    REACH Review

    • Results and upcoming adaptations
    • Nanomaterials

    Marko Sušnik Marko Sušnik
    Senior Advisor, WKÖ/SMEunited, Austria
  3. Practical steps for making a registration

    The relevance and structure of a technical dossier

    • Overview
    • Requirements for structure and content
    • Data requirements according to Annex VII-XI
    • Databases
    • Costs

    Practical exercises on data requirements

    Core elements and practical aspects of a chemical safety analysis (CSA) and a chemical safety report (CSR)

    • The basics and regulatory requirements
    • Experiences gained
    • Relevance to the registration process as well as the meaning and handling of the terms ‘use’, ‘exposure categories’ and ‘exposure scenarios’
    • Basics of “Chesar”

    Arno Wess Arno Wess