Find out what an ideal consultant-SME partnership should look like

ECHA launched IUCLID cloud for SMEs earlier this year. The aim of the application is to make REACH registration easier, particularly for SMEs, which are more likely to lack resources and expertise for regulatory compliance. As such, they are also more likely to hire consultants to help. The cloud version of IUCLID eases collaboration between consultants and SMEs as both can access the data online.

On Wednesday 29 November at 13:00 GMT, this free webinar helped service providers who work with SMEs to fully understand the benefits of using IUCLID Cloud on both sides. It included: 
    • The reasons for designing IUCLID Cloud with SMEs in mind and how service providers fit into the picture;
    • Different ways to collaborate with IUCLID Cloud, depending on the nature of the SME-consultant relationship;
    • A Q&A, providing you with the opportunity to directly ask ECHA any questions you have related to IUCLID Cloud. 


  • Tommy Hagg, product manager, ECHA Cloud Services