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Eurideas Language Experts provides professional translation and interpretation services. We specialise in chemical, technical, medical translations, as well as in other fields such as EU legislation, law, environment, health and many more. Our native speaker chemical translators are experts of the REACH regulation and other related EU, international and local legislations. We have great experience in translating SDSs and other regulatory documents.
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As a leading expert on the registration, authorisation and notification of chemical substances within and outside the EU, REACHLaw offers a comprehensive suite of chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability solutions. Our extensive experience enables us to assist companies in obtaining market access for their chemical products by achieving compliance with chemical regulations including EU REACH & CLP, Turkey KKDIK, SEA and GBF, UK REACH, India REACH, Ukraine REACH and more.
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Lisam Systems

Founded in 1999, Lisam Systems is a global provider of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance management software solutions and services, operating from offices worldwide. Since its creation, Lisam has been actively working at bringing innovative, affordable and timely solutions to solve the challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors and users of chemical products when dealing with the ever-changing regulatory standards. Today, thousands of actors in the chemical supply chai
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ARCHE Consulting

ARCHE Consulting is a trusted provider of regulatory consulting services for the chemical industry with 20+ years of experience. Our team of highly-skilled professionals provides sustainable and tailor-made solutions to clients across the globe. We specialize in regulatory compliance for manufacturers of chemicals, biocides, plant protection products and fertilizers. Our mission is to foster a safe environment and healthy workplace while safeguarding market access of chemicals and products. We a
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3E delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies around the globe to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement and create new growth opportunities. 3E has set the standard for combining regulatory expertise and enriched global compliance content and transforming it into actionable intelligence to enhance chemical and workplace safety, product safety and stewardship, supply chain stewardship and research and development support.
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