The first in a series of three webinars with the PETA International Science Consortium

The PETA International Science Consortium, an organisation that promotes reliable and relevant regulatory testing approaches that project human health and the environment while eliminating the use of animals, and Chemical Risk Manager have teamed up to present a free webinar series focusing on non-animal methods and testing strategies that can be used to meet REACH requirements. This series updates the popular 2014-2015 webinar series and will reflect the significant progress in the use and acceptance of non-animal testing that has occurred in recent years.

In this 90-minute webinar, Dr Gertrude-Emilia Costin described the in vitro methods that can be used to meet REACH data requirements for skin irritation and corrosion under Annexes VII and VIII. Dr Costanza Rovida then used specific examples to explain how the in vitro methods can be used in an integrated approach to testing and assessment.


  • Dr Gertrude Emilia Costin, Study Director/Manager of Scientific Services, Institute for In Vitro Sciences
  • Dr Constanza Rovida, Scientific Officer, CAAT-Europe and Project Manager,
    TEAM Mastery