A webinar focused on the EU Commission's circular economy package

This 60-minute webinar took place on 14 February and focused on the subject of the circular economy.
The webinar was divided into two parts: 

The EU Commission's communication on the Chemical, Product, Waste Interface as part of a package of circular economy actions

  • The element of the Circular Economy package that assesses how the rules on waste, products and chemicals relate to each other;
  • The Commission's analysis of the interface found a number of barriers to the development of a properly functioning circular economy and sets out objectives and planned actions to address the issues;
  • To achieve the more stable supply of recycled raw materials that industry needs, some issues must first be addressed.

Speaker: Jody Quirke, Legal Officer, European Commission, DG Environment
Directorate B - Circular Economy & Green Growth
Unit B2 - Sustainable Chemicals

Recycled rubber infill in artificial turfs: An example of challenges in reconciling circular economy and chemicals regulation

  • General comments on the European Commission's Interface Communication;
  • The Example: recycled rubber infill;
  • Conclusions: Generally on circular economy and in light of the example of recycled rubber infill.

Speaker: Anna Roubier, Attorney-at-law, Counsel, Krogerus Attorneys Ltd, Finland