Why attend?

  • Time-efficient – over two days, trainees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the EU BPR, including support on how to navigate the obligations under the legislation.
  • Small class size – the number of attendees is limited to ensure that all trainees benefit from 'hands-on' training.
  • Expert insight – expert trainers Karen Howard and David Dillon work with biocides and, by extension, the BPR, on a daily basis.
  • Get your questions answered – the end of day two provides trainees with the opportunity to ask the experts for guidance concerning their own organisations.

Who should attend?

  • Producers of biocidal products/treated articles
  • Retailers of biocidal products/treated articles
  • Formulators of biocidal products/treated articles
  • Importers of biocidal products/treated articles
  • Representatives of authorisation/registration holders
  • National competent authorities
  • All other stakeholders with regards to biocidal products and treated articles
  • Anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the BPR