1. Learning Outcomes

    After completing the modules in this elearning course, you will be able to:

    MODULE 01 - Introduction and Background to REACH

    • Understand the objectives, scope and basic principles of REACH
    • Understand the aim of its four main protocols
    • Put REACH into the context of previous and current associated legislation

    MODULE 02 - Key Terms and Concepts

    • Understand the key concepts of REACH
    • Broadly identify which requirements apply to your product
    • Recognise how the different protocols of REACH interact with each other

    MODULE 03 - Key Players and Processes

    • Explain the role and responsibilities of regulators, stakeholders and industry
    • Describe various processes involved in the Regulation and ways in which stakeholders can influence them
    • Identify what options companies have when interacting with regulators

    MODULE 04 - Enforcement

    • Recall what the roles of different authorities are and who enforces REACH
    • Recognise what might trigger an inspection
    • Summarize the penalties for non-compliance