Get a regulatory and legal overview of K-REACH and K-BPR

This two-part webinar took place on 22 March and provided a regulatory and legal overview of the recently amended K-REACH and the newly adopted K-BPR. Each session demonstrated to what extent these two regulations will affect your industry and what you need to do to comply.

The two sessions covered the following areas:

Session 1: Newly amended K-REACH (20 minutes)

  • Outline: amendment process
  • Comparison of the current ARECS vs. the new ARECS
  • Major points of the new ARECS
  • Revisions in the presidential decree and the ministerial decree
  • What to expect from the future ARECS

Speaker: Ms. Ami Fukuroi, Head Researcher at KTR

Session 2: Newly adopted K-BPR (20 minutes)

  • Outline: background of K-BPR
  • The legal framework of K-BPR
  • Main provisions
  • K-BPR vs. EU BPR

Speaker: Ms. Young-In Kim, Head Researcher at KTR

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