Ensure you're ready ahead of the 31 May deadline

The last REACH registration deadline for chemicals placed on the European market is May 31, 2018 – only two months away. Data sharing and joint submission of data are mandatory requirements through which companies or groups of companies can reduce the costs of registration, make the most of their Lead Registrant position, and avoid unnecessary testing. Negotiations are currently placed under significant pressure as the deadline approaches, many substances remain to be registered and new implementing rules and guidance have to be considered compared to the 2010 and 2013 deadlines.

This webinar took placed on 28 March, and drew on Steptoe’s unparalleled experience with REACH, data sharing negotiations, disputes and appeals before the Board of Appeal of ECHA to provide insight on reaching a compliant agreement on time, mitigating the risks of non-compliance and navigating potential disputes and remedies.


  • Eléonore Mullier, Associate, Steptoe & Johnson
  • Ruxandra Cana, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson
  • Michel Michaux, Senior Advisor, Steptoe & Johnson