Manage and meet Turkey’s KKDIK registration requirements

The Turkey KKDIK registration deadline 31 December 2023 is approaching fast and companies intending to register their substances for the Turkey market must focus on the registration process, especially those that are lead registering substances. 2023 will be the year when all the registration work needs to be concluded by KKDIK lead and co-registrants alike.

This online training course will provide companies with a comprehensive view on the KKDIK’s registration requirements and latest updates thereof and will serve as a practical guide for the final push to get our substances registered for the Turkish market ahead of the registration deadline.

Besides providing the necessary guidance and overview of the tools needed for KKDIK registration compliance, the course also covers, amongst others:

  • What to do if you have not yet KKDIK pre-registered your substances
  • KKDIK lead registration and co-registration – How to start and finish the job
  • KKDIK data-sharing and cost sharing – How does it work in practice in Turkey
  • Recommended KKDIK registration action plan for meeting the 31 December
    2023 deadline.

By attending this course you will learn:

  • What are the latest developments on KKDIK registration
  • How to successfully transition from KKDIK pre-registration to registration
  • The necessary actions you need to take to ensure that your chemicals on the Turkish market comply with the regulation
  • How to manage your registration work depending on your role in the supply
    chain, and
  • What steps you should take to become a KKDIK lead registrant or co-registrant.
  • What happens if you miss the registration deadline.

What you can expect from the course?

  • An interactive online master class where you will have the opportunity to ask questions to REACHLaw experts who are dealing with KKDIK compliance on a daily basis;
  • Practical insights into the KKDIK registration process from the comfort of your home or office; and 
  • A copy of the slides and on-demand content – both will be available once the training course has finished.