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  1. Registration

  2. Welcome and introduction by the moderator

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  3. Session 1: Overviews
  4. EU Commission’s general update on regulatory discussions related to product authorisations

    • Modification of Regulation 492/2014 on renewal of authorisations under mutual recognition 
    • Regulation (EU) No 414/2013 on same biocidal products 
    • Cancellation of EU authorisations for products containing iodine and/or PVP iodine 
    • Presence of misleading terms in biocidal products trade names, etc 
    • Postponement of the active substances review programme beyond 2024 
    • Renewal of approval of propiconazole for PT-8, etc 
    Marta Cainzos Garcia Marta Cainzos Garcia
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE
  5. Echa overview

    Erik van de Plassche Erik van de Plassche
    Chairman of the Biocidal Products Committee, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  6. Member State overview from Denmark

    Charlotta Wallensten Charlotta Wallensten
    Head of Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  7. The BPR – practical implementation and the lessons learned

    • Reckitt Benckiser – an introduction 
    • The fast-moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) 
    • Practical implementation of the BPR – the FMCG lens 
    • Moving forward in the right direction 
    Barry Dodd Barry Dodd
    Regulatory Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
  8. Refreshment break

  9. Q&A and panel discussion: What we have learnt from the Covid-19 emergency in the biocides sector and whether there are lessons for the future

  10. Session 2: The assessment of endocrine disrupting (ED) chemicals under the BPR
  11. Identification of EDs in ecotoxicology: an overview of available tests

    • Overview of in vivo tests for ED assessment in ecotoxicology: strengths and weaknesses 
    • Identification of endocrine modalities and specific modes of action  
    • Limitations in determination of mechanistic parameters 
    Teresa Fagundes Teresa Fagundes
    Study Director, Eurofins Aquatic Ecotoxicology
  12. Pepper, a platform supporting the validation process for EDs 

    • Addressing the gap between academic research and regulatory needs request validation 
    • Pepper’s work supporting a validation process  
    • Validation is a common good so resources must be mutualised 
    Philippe Hubert Philippe Hubert
    CEO, Pepper, French platform for the validation of methods for characterization of endocrine disruptors
  13. Q&A

  14. Lunch

  15. Chemical Watch demo

  16. Session 3: Regulatory processes under the BPR
  17. Lessons learned from the evaluating competent authority perspective on the DBNPA case

    • Importance of the representative uses 
    • Public consultation on alternatives 
    • Considerations in terms of the derogations  
    Nina Falk Gregersen Nina Falk Gregersen
    Scientific Officer, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  18. Developments on derogation dossiers under the BPR: are derogation dossiers becoming the rule?

    Boris Van Berlo Boris Van Berlo
    Sector Group Manager, Biocides for Europe - Cefic
  19. The extension of the BPR review programme and its implications for industry

    • Current status 
    • Legislative changes 
    • Practical impacts (resources, guidance, parallel regulatory developments, market distortions…) 
    Koen Van Maldegem Koen Van Maldegem
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium
  20. Preparing for the 2025 deadline, especially regarding data protection issues

    Agnieszka Bielach Agnieszka Bielach
    Senior Government Relations and Regulatory Specialist – Biocides, Ecolab
  21. Q&A

  22. Refreshment break

  23. Restrictions imposed at active substance level

    Eléonore Mullier Eléonore Mullier
    Partner, Steptoe LLP, Belgium
  24. The mutual recognition process from the perspective of the coordination group

    • Role of the coordination group in mutual recognition procedures 
    • Procedures and timelines 
    • Role of applicants in the process and advice regarding actions by applicants   
    Karolina Pastuszko Karolina Pastuszko
    Chief Specialist, The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products
  25. Q&A

  26. End of day 1

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