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Barry Dodd

Barry Dodd

Regulatory Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

Barry has over 14 years’ experience working in regulatory affairs environment, across industry, consultancy and competent authority. Following a postdoctoral research position at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR) in 2008, he spent 6 years working for the Chemical Regulation Directorate (CRD) of the Health and Safety Executive. The HSE is the UK competent authority responsible for the regulation of plant protection products and biocidal products. During his time at the HSE, he was responsible for the evaluation and assessments of residues and chemistry data for UK and EU pesticide and biocide product dossiers. Responsible for the compilation and registration of Draft Assessment reports for the UK and EU and also the UK representative at DG SANCO residues working group (WG) and Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health.

Following his time at HSE Barry spent one year working as a consultant for AgChem Project Consulting APC, now Staphyt, where he was responsible for preparation of dossiers for clients to support European and Global registration of plant protection products and biocidal products. He has been at Reckitt Benckiser since 2016, moving across different roles in both the Health and Hygiene business units. He has been managing the Reckitt Hygiene BPR team since 2020, responsible for the management and oversight of Reckitt EU BPR disinfectant portfolio. Member of Biocides 4 Europe management committee and general assembly.