1. Session 2: Global developments


    Leendert van Dijk Leendert van Dijk
    Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs
  3. The EU CSS: Towards a new REACH Regulation 2.0

    • The EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability
    • Process and timetable towards the new REACH 2.0
    • Key requirements and new risk management measures under REACH 2.0
    • Legal considerations”
    Jean-Philippe Montfort Jean-Philippe Montfort
    Partner, Mayer Brown Europe-Brussels LLP
  4. What do the new EU-challenges (CSS, REACH 2.0, CLP, …) mean in practice for industry / importers

    • The CSS and REACH 2.0: what matters most to industry/importers?
    • How will the extension of Classification categories affect companies/importers and other jurisdictions?
    • What are the practical consequences of the new Risk Management requirements in REACH 2.0?
    • Integrating Chemicals with Climate, Circularity and Critical Raw Materials Act: that’s a challenge for all!
    Hugo Waeterschoot Hugo Waeterschoot
    Chemicals Management Advisor, Eurometaux, Belgium
  5. Q&A

  6. Regulatory landscape in the Americas

    • The Canada CMP 
    • Latin America 
    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
  7. US TSCA

    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Associate Director - Chemicals, Intertek
  8. Refreshments

  9. Updates from the Middle East; A video presentation

    • Overview of Middle Eastern Chemical Regulatory Environment;
    • GHS in Africa;
    • GHS in the Middle East;
    • Egypt;
    • Kenya; and
    • Rwanda
    Michael S. Wenk Michael S. Wenk
    Senior Scientist, Geosyntec Consultants
  10. Turkey KKDIK updates

    • Brief overview of KKDIK
    • Current status of the KKDIK registration process
    • What to do if you haven't started yet
    • Outlook beyond the registration deadline
    Frederik Johanson Frederik Johanson
    Partner, Sales, REACHLaw, Finland
  11. Q&A

  12. Lunch



    Gil Perez Gil Perez
    Director, Global Product Stewardship Global SK-II. Global Chemicals Management - Asia, Procter & Gamble International Operations Singapore SA Branch
  15. Regulatory updates from Vietnam

    • The new regulations guiding the Vietnam Chemicals Law (Decree No.82/2022/NĐ-CP and Circular No.17/2022/TT-BCT) 
    • The plan to revise the Law on Chemicals in period of 2023 - 2025 
    Le Viet Thang Le Viet Thang
    Deputy Head of Convention and International Cooperation Division, Vietnam Chemicals Agency
  16. Regulatory updates from India

    • Recent updates on India’s Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules
    • Notification and Registration procedures and requirements
    • Compliance requirements under the BIS certification scheme 
    Jayachandran Nair Jayachandran Nair
    CEO, GPC India
  17. Updates from Australia and New Zealand

    • Adoption of GHS7 in Australia
    • Progress on the transition to the new Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS)
    • Aotearoa New Zealand – changes to POP regulations
    Janine Hall Janine Hall
    Compliance Officer/Food Contact Specialist, AP Colorants, Australia
  18. Q&A

  19. Refreshments



    Leendert van Dijk Leendert van Dijk
    Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs
  22. Emergency response compliance – providing clarity in a challenging regulatory arena

    • Overview of emergency telephone number requirements around the world
    • Key supply and transport regulations in the APAC region and how to conform
    • How to meet emergency response and hazardous products registration requirements in key APAC markets
    • Challenges of exporting to Europe 
    Richard Davey Richard Davey
    International Business Director, CHEMTREC
  23. Reflections on global data sharing

    • What progress did we make sharing data globally, or didn’t we? 
    Willi Muenninghoff Willi Muenninghoff
    Health Sciences Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Ramboll Korea, Seoul, South Korea
  24. Development of regulatory cooperation activities in APEC CD and ASEAN

    • Status of the APEC CD Virtual working groups on Regulatory cooperation, GHS and Data Exchange and new initiatives
    • Objectives and latest status of ICCA ASEAN Regulatory Cooperation Project
  25. Q&A

  26. Close of summit

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