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    Peter Schramme Peter Schramme
    CEO, Enhesa
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  4. Simplify your data sharing: An online marketplace that accelerates study and dossier sharing

    As the data owner of chemical registration data, such as dossiers, studies, chemical safety reports, etc. you are legally obliged to share this data in a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory way. Managing the data-sharing process, issuing Letters of Access (LoAs), contracts, and cost sharing is a time- and resource-intensive process. Learn how an innovative license model and the use of an online marketplace can simplify and accelerate your data-sharing process.

    Markus Pogrzeba Markus Pogrzeba
    Product Owner, Process Industry, opesus
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  6. Keeping up with compliance to avoid greenwashing claims

    In this session, Enhesa experts will walk you through the major regulatory updates in the ESG/sustainability reporting field, highlighting the major impacts upcoming regulations will have on your business, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and its reporting standards (ESRS). We’ll take a closer look at ESRS S4 relating to “Consumers and end-users” to understand how some of its requirements will impact the products you place on the market. Followed by the regulatory framework, we will provide an overview of the principal risks of non-compliance with upcoming sustainability regulations, including avoiding accusations of greenwashing. 

    Marina Dorileo Barros Marina Dorileo Barros
    Content Incubation Manager, Enhesa
    Paula Galbiatti Silveira Paula Galbiatti Silveira
    Subject Matter Expert in products, Sustainability & ESG, Enhesa
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  8. Digital transformation playbook for product stewardship - 5 steps to mark a difference

    In today's highly interactive and interwoven business processes, product stewardship turns into a strategic business function that makes a difference in ensuring products can be marketed, customers' requests are answered, and information is shared across multiple functions. Product Stewardship is the product information hub. 
    Join the workshop to discover and discuss the 5 steps to embark on an augmented collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers, and in-house and external R&D organizations to bring safe, trusted, and sustainable products to market faster. 

    Dr Adrian von Mühlenen Dr Adrian von Mühlenen
    Strategy Director, Veeva Systems
  9. Restrictions under REACH

    • Focus on PFAS
    Claudio Mereu Claudio Mereu
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium
    Simon Englebert Simon Englebert
    Senior Associate, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP
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  11. How to get your sustainability program ready for the current and upcoming regulatory requirements

    Sustainability and ESG is an increasingly key part of demonstrating corporate value and a crucial component of your brand’s image. The global sustainability agenda has created a regulatory race which is already impacting businesses as they try to understand compliance and look for competitive edges in this maturing domain.    

    To that end, the European Commission  recently adopted the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), imposing reporting obligations on more than 50,000 European companies.   

    Aware of the challenge faced by companies, when it comes to the CSRD and other regulations that are increasing the scrutiny on sustainability reporting, and aligned with Enhesa Group’s ongoing effort to help companies make the world a more sustainable place, our 2024 product roadmap includes a NEW solution that will help your organization identify the jurisdiction-specific regulations and requirements that impact your ESG program. Find out how these new regulations are informing the Content Roadmap at Enhesa Group’s Chemical Watch and hear about an exciting new offering that links Product Compliance with other relevant ESG data sets to enable organizations to manage, drive and review compliance at the local and global level across both regulatory dimensions. 

    Kelly Lagana Kelly Lagana
    Director of Product Management, Content, Enhesa
    Marina Dorileo Barros Marina Dorileo Barros
    Content Incubation Manager, Enhesa
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