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Marina Dorileo Barros

Marina Dorileo Barros

Content Incubation Manager, Enhesa

Marina Dorileo leads the content expansion of Enhesa beyond Environmental, Health, and Safety. As the Content Incubation Manager at Enhesa, she has the opportunity to learn something new every day and engage with the most diverse stakeholders, internally and externally. She also ensures that the products developed align with her client’s needs and ultimately help them become more sustainable organizations. Her work significantly impacts multinational companies worldwide, empowering them to operate in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner. 

Marina and her team recently completed the development of content sets that focus on product compliance, but they are not stopping there. They are actively working on expanding Enhesa’s offer on sustainability.  Marina sees her role as a step to promote ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and respect for workers’ rights. It also supports businesses that value the well-being and dignity of all individuals. 

The first content she developed focused on worldwide best practices around sustainability. Now the team is focusing on building an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) product focusing on jurisdiction-specific content and helping clients navigate the fast-expanding mandatory sustainability reporting regulations worldwide. Through the content she puts together, Marina contributes to Enhesa’s mission of assisting clients in positively impacting the environment, their employees, and the communities they operate in. 

Marina’s educational background is in law; she has a Master’s degree in Land and Environmental Law (Brazil/Portugal) and Human Rights and Democratization (Italy/UK). She brings her expertise in these fields to her day-to-day work, which involves various tasks and interactions with multiple stakeholders. Marina deeply appreciates the profound impact that Enhesa’s work, including her role, has on enhancing businesses’ corporate responsibility.