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Pınar Ozgun Yavas

Pınar Ozgun Yavas

Deputy Director, REACH Global Services

Pınar Ozgun Yavas is involved in Only Representative services, Responsible Person services and general consulting services to ensure that companies comply with EU Chemicals legislations (REACH, Cosmetics) and Turkish Chemicals Regulations (KKDIK, SEA, SDS etc.).

She has 15 years knowledge of chemicals legislations, guidance documents and associated processes (pre-registration, registration, inquiry, notification) and related tools (REACH-IT, IUCLID, CPNP, Chemical Registration System (KKS)) required for legislation compliance, consulting to global industry and managing several key accounts at RGS. She is a certified Chemical Assessor Expert in Turkey.

Pınar is a Chemical Engineer. Before joining RGS, she worked at quality assurance departments of chemical companies in Turkey. Also she worked for 10 years as a member of Turkish Industrial REACH & CLP & Biocidal Helpdesk for helping Turkish exporters to comply with EU REACH, CLP, RoHS, WEEE, Cosmetics Regulations etc. She participated ECHA Helpnet Meetings, gave more than 200 seminars. As a stakeholder, she represented Turkish Helpdesk in many EU and TR Ministry training projects including on CLP Regulation, Biocidal Product Regulation, PIC.