Understand existing MoA/MechoA classifications and the main molecular mechanisms of toxicity

To predict the toxicity of substances using Read-Across or (Q)SAR models with confidence and reliability, the Mechanism of Action (MechoA) of substances (i.e. the molecular mechanism by which they exert their toxicity) must be identified.

In the field of ecotoxicology, several classification methods to predict the Mode of Action (MoA) of substances exist, however, MoAs are generally not clearly defined. At KREATiS, a universal method of classification of MechoAs has been developed for use in both fields.

MechoAs are a useful tool for hazard assessment to strengthen mechanistic interpretation, read-across justification and weight of evidence and QSAR approaches.

The webinar will introduce the newly launched iSafeRat® Online platform, where MechoA predictions can be accessed for free.


Speaker: Dr. Franklin Bauer, QSAR Modeler & Chemist, KREATiS