Get an overview of Annex VIII to the CLP and ECHA's plans to implement it

There is never a dull moment when it comes to EU regulations. REACH registration is winding down in the EU and this is causing safe use information for mixtures to become a hot topic. Also, with evaluation and authorisation underway, the application of approaches to develop safe use information can be used to support initiatives aiming at identifying hazardous chemicals for substitution.

In addition, CLP issued Annex VIII outlining the requirements for Poison Center Notification. The requirements to comply with the Poison Centers reform may be technically complex and costly for businesses, as the notification exercise is not reduced to sending a simple XML to a portal.

This webinar helped attendees to understand what safe use for mixtures is all about, as well as an overview of Annex VIII to the CLP and how ECHA plans to implement this.


Carrie Decatur, Senior Analyst, Sphera

Martina Frenette, Senior Analyst, Sphera

Kimberley Bull, Senior Analyst, Sphera