1. Introduction to Toxicology and REACH

    • What are the toxicological requirements under REACH and why?
    • What is toxicology?
    • The Safety Data Sheet

    Toxicological themes

    • Systemic effects (target organ effects, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and developmental effects)
    • Risk, hazard and exposure
    • The dose response concept & Paracelsus
    • Acute and chronic toxicity
    • Local effects (irritation and corrosion)
    • Chemical allergy
    • Use of animal/non animal testing strategies
    • Hazard and exposure

    Toxicology in the context of REACH

    • The safety data sheet and eSDS
    • The DNEL
    • CLP/GHS
    Laura Robinson Laura Robinson
    Occupational Toxicologist, Toxicology Consulting Ltd, UK