1. Session 1 - Introduction to Enforcement

    The European Chemicals Agency is charged with managing REACH across the EU but each Member State (MS) has legislated for enforcement and penalties. It is important to understand who is responsible for what and how enforcement is co-ordinated across all MS

    • Roles & responsibilities of regulators
      • ECHA
      • MSCA (Member State Competent Authority)
      • Customs
      • MS variations
    • Co-ordination between regulators
      • The Forum
      • MSCA reporting
      • Joint enforcement projects
    • Inspection targets and strategies
    • Penalties & prosecutions
    Alex Paul Alex Paul
    Principal: Chemical Regulatory Services, Yordas Group, UK
    Sophie Guinard Sophie Guinard
    Regulatory Scientist, Yordas Group
  2. Refreshment break

  3. Session 2 - Inspections

    Inspections may be initiated for a range of reasons and understanding the reasons helps provide focus for the preparation

    • Triggers for inspection
    • Focus of inspections
      • Regional and industrial sector variations
    • Non-regulatory inspections
  4. Lunch

  5. Session 3 - Key Areas of Interest to Inspectors

    Inspectors may look at any aspect of the regulation they choose but the focus is likely to be driven by company activity, its track record and aspects most likely to impact on safe chemical use.

    Working in groups, attendees are invited to think about how the role of the company and its activities will drive the focus of a possible inspection, and how the company should prepare.

    Drawing on our experience helping companies with actual inspections, case studies will also be presented and discussed.

  6. Refreshment break

  7. Session 4 - Successful Inspection

    Good preparation is the key to a successful inspection and this starts with a commitment to compliance and an ability to demonstrate that commitment.

    Attendees will gain the understanding and tools they need in order to:

    • Implement a robust compliance policy
    • Put together checklists to prepare for an inspection
    • Gather documentation to support the inspection on the day
  8. Close of Workshop