Explore the fundamentals of toxicology with respect to CLP & GHS

This 90-minute course, delivered online by expert toxicology trainer Laura Robinson, offers a unique opportunity to ground yourself in toxicological terms and concepts – an increasingly valuable knowledge asset to have in working in the global regulatory compliance scene.

This webinar will explore the principles of toxicology together with toxicological endpoints and an explanation of common terminology used. It will also look at the testing strategies commonly used.

The material will be aimed towards someone with a limited or no knowledge of toxicology.

  • Risk, hazard and exposure
  • The dose-response concept
  • Acute and chronic toxicity
  • Local effects (irritation and corrosion)
  • Systemic effects (Target organ effects, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and developmental effects)
  • Chemical allergy  (Allergic contact dermatitis 
    and respiratory sensitisers)
  • Toxicokinetics
  • Human health risk assessment
  • Assessment of toxicological effects

The topics discussed in this introductory webinar can be applied to any global chemical control regulation.

Delegates are actively encouraged to 'raise their hand' and put questions forward throughout the training – just as you would in a live classroom environment.

Your expert coach

Laura Robinson a qualified toxicologist & chemist with over ten years' experience in health, safety and environmental issues, as well as chemical compliance.

Laura is an accomplished toxicology trainer, consultant and author of two books on toxicology, published by Blackwell. Her third book, A Practical Guide to Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment (John Wiley & Sons) will be published in autumn 2018.