Learn about the role of toxicokinetics

Toxicokinetics can be defined as the description of how long it takes for a chemical to enter the body, and what happens to metabolise and excrete the compound once it is in the body.

The Toxicokinetics webinar, part of the popular Toxicology Training Series of webinars, will provide attendees with a useful understanding of the role of toxicokinetics in the interpretation of toxicological data, exposure, and risk assessment. 

Further topics to be discussed include:

  • The definition of toxicokinetics;
  • How toxicokinetics differs to toxicodynamics;
  • The role of metabolism and its relationship to toxicity;
  • The current methods which are available for the assessment of toxicokinetics;
  • Current regulatory requirements with regards to toxicokinetics;
  • The main routes of absorption and relating these exposure routes to toxicity;
  • What is meant by distribution and how this can impact toxicity; and,
  • How knowledge of physicochemical properties can be useful in understanding the potential fate of a chemical within the body.

This webinar is limited to 25 delegates, to ensure that those attending can have a classroom-style learning experience. Those attending are encouraged to ask questions during the webinar.