Gain in-depth knowledge of REACH Regulation

Whether your company is a manufacturer, importer, downstream user or plays any other part in the supply chain, you have responsibilities and obligations under REACH. Understanding these obligations is critical to achieving compliance under this regulation, which is why Chemical Watch has created the REACH in Practice eLearning course. This advanced, self-driven course is the second in the series of REACH courses we provide.

To view our introductory course, The Basics of REACH Regulation, click here.

Why will this course help my company remain compliant?

Through the extensive knowledge of the authors, you will be guided through the relevant processes required to ensure the tasks your company is performing on a daily basis is within the requirements set by REACH. The content in this course has been written by experts in the industry and has all the relevant information that you can revisit whenever and wherever you are.*

What will be covered?

This informative eLearning course clearly explains:

  • Registration – the process
  • Technical aspects like hazard assessment and chemical safety reports
  • Substance characterisation and sameness
  • Joint registration 

  • Substance and Dossier evaluation
  • Authorisation – what it applies to and how to apply
    for it
  • Risk management for substances of concern

You will encounter these topics, and many more, across 11 self-managed modules. Your knowledge will be tested at the end of module assessments where you can really measure your level of knowledge retention on what you've learned.

Take a look at the learning outcomes for each of the modules here.

This course covers navigating REACH on a practical day to day basis, take a look at our Basics of REACH Regulation course to gain a foundation level of knowledge on the subject.

Who is this course for?

  • Manufacturers 
  • Importers
  • Regulatory staff
  • New recruits to companies needing an in-depth understanding as to how REACH works
  • R&D chemists
  • Anyone involved in REACH regulations
  • Those who need to know how to register substances under REACH

The Authors

This training course is organised in association with Yordas Group.

Yordas Group is a leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, and global regulatory consulting services. They have international capability with supporting offices and representation in North America, Asia and Europe, and commercial activities across 40 countries.

Yordas Group supports businesses by finding the most appropriate and effective route through the REACH registration process. Their team of regulatory consultants are supported by experts in chemistry, nanomaterials, toxicology, environmental fate and exposure/risk management.


Take a look at this testimonial from our first course in the series The Basics of REACH Regulation:

"This course was perfect for someone like me based in the US that doesn’t have daily exposure to REACH regulation. I learned the background of REACH and how it applies to current regulations, what is expected/required for compliance, and how it is enforced. It helped expand my knowledge of global regulations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the chemical industry."

Kyleigh Gloska, Product Regulatory Manager, Innospec Fuel Specialties 

Disclaimer: For the smoothest learning experience it is advised to complete the courses either in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

*Dependant on your internet connection

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