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Carina Loh Lindholm

Carina Loh Lindholm

Project manager, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Carina has in recent years has worked on several projects aiming to reach a higher degree of circular product flows within the building sector, with certain focus on solutions for reuse of interior building materials in an industrial scale. She also works as a scientific coordinator on behalf of BASTA.

One key aspect to reach a higher degree of reuse and recycling is a high knowledge of products quality and content. In this session we will show how the Basta system works and how it can support circular material flows. We will also share experiences from case studies and ongoing research projects focusing on reuse of interior building products often used in offices, such as inner walls, inner doors, ceilings, etc. Benefits of reuse in terms of reduced climate impact compared to buying new products, reduced costs and reduced waste amounts will be discussed, as well as reasons why reuse of this products types is not a standard procedure already and possible solutions to enable reuse in an industrial scale.