Learn about major changes affecting the chemical industry

Watch the webinar recording below:

To adjust to these changes, Chinese State Council submitted a reform plan on the structure of State Council and Ministerial Level Departments on 13 March 2018.
Watch this webinar to find out more about major changes related to chemical industry and the corresponding influences. Expert speaker Lisa Xu (Senior Chemical Regulatory Affairs Consultant, CIRS) will discuss the following topics: 
  • Establishment of the Ministry of Ecological Environment (MEE) 
  • Establishment of the Ministry of Emergency Management 
  • Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Integrated into General Administration of Customs 
  • The establishment of State Drug Administration within State Administration for Market regulation

In future, more detailed implementation rules will follow. CIRS is pleased to provide timely updates and share with industrial peers.


Lisa Xu, Senior Chemical Regulatory Affairs Consultant, CIRS