Event overview

Join us for this one-hour webinar on Friday 5 May to get an overview of the most significant regulatory developments for the global cosmetics industry in 2023. 

Our senior regulatory and compliance analyst Sok-Han Ng and regulatory and compliance analyst Melanie Rybar will explore the trends and challenges facing manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributors of cosmetic products around the world.  

They will bring you the latest hot topics in the global cosmetics industry, including:  

Asia Pacific 

  • China: the latest safety and quality management requirements, updates in cosmetics inventory, new guidelines 
  • South Korea: updates to the list of ingredients prohibited in cosmetics and changes to cosmetics management procedures 
  • ASEAN: updates to the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive 

Middle East  

  • Israel: updates to Israel import regulations 

The Americas 

  • Introduction to the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) and PFAS updates 
  • Labelling requirement updates 


  • Chemical restriction updates 

You can watch the session here:

The webinar will include a Q&A and all registrants will receive a copy of the recording and slides after the event – so don’t worry if you can’t attend on the day!