Why attend:

Useful additional materials – including a training handbook and a toxicology glossary

Q&A with expert trainer Laura Robinson – the chance to ask your questions relevant to your business to a qualified toxicologist and chemist

Cost- and time-efficient – gain an understanding of the basics of toxicology over just one day

Who should attend?

  • Regulatory affairs (chemical registration work)
  • Authors and recipients of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Anyone involved in classification and labelling in accordance with EU CLP/GHS
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Product safety professionals
  • Those working in medicine or forensics
  • Occupational health
  • Toxicologists and ecotoxicologists
  • Laboratory staff
  • R&D staff with a limited chemistry background
  • Business managers involved in consortium meetings
  • Sales and marketing teams who would like to learn more about basic toxicology
  • Lawyers
  • Students looking to broaden their understanding of toxicology