Learn all you need to know about REACH as a downstream user

This one-day course, led by Sandra Meijer, of Yordas Group, is designed to meet the needs of any organisation which uses chemicals, providing them with the knowledge and techniques to allow them to fulfil their obligations under the REACH Regulation and to manage the potential impact of the Regulation on their business.

The course is geared mainly towards those who manufacture articles, and covers all roles and activities such companies may undertake, including:

  • Sourcing (and importing) of raw materials, chemical mixtures, subcomponents
  • Use of chemical mixtures in the manufacture process
  • Research and Development
  • Sale and distribution of articles

The REACH Compliance for Downstream Users will cover the basics of the REACH regulation along with information specifically pertinent to downstream users, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities throughout the supply chain;
  • The main protocols of the REACH regulation (registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction);
  • Substances of very high concern (SVHCs);
  • Communication and compliance throughout the supply chain;
  • Safety data sheets (SDS) and exposure scenarios;
  • Reporting, record-keeping and due diligence;
  • How REACH is enforced;
  • Sustainable versus regrettable substitution;
  • Product stewardship; and,
  • The impact of the REACH regulation on businesses.

Case studies will be included where possible to illustrate the learning points.

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